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About My Hair

What kind of hairstyle did you wear when younger?

"When I was younger my mom permed my hair so it was curly. When the the perm was gone I wore my hair half-up half-down, in piggy tails, and also just wore my natural kind of ugly waves."

What’s your favorite hair style to wear today?
"My favorite hair style to wear today is kind of like a messy curl down or halfway up"
Have you ever undergone a dramatic style change?
"Yes I have, I had long dark hair and then I went to short platinum blonde hair. A lot of my friends thought that it was a cool look and I could pull it off, but when I went back to a dark color a lot of my friends said that I actually looked better with dark hair."

Favorite Products

Marie & Lilly Shampoo


Oribe Royal Blowout

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    Jenn Straight


    Rubber Band Braid

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