Meet Kerstyn Inouye

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 About My Hair

What kind of hairstyle did you wear when younger?

“Before I was in middle school, I would slick it back in a ponytail and I would put gel in it." 

What’s your favorite hair style to wear today?

“Straight. In middle school I stole my moms hair straightener and have been straightening my hair ever since.”

Have you ever undergone a dramatic style change?

“During my rebellious years I dyed my hair all different types of color. I really liked when I dyed my tips blue. Nowadays however I’ve been sticking to my natural color and getting it back to healthy by slowly cutting off the parts I bleached.”


Favorite Products 

Marie & Lily Conditioner 


Marie & Lily Shampoo


Want to get her look?

Click on the images below to capture Kerstyn's style! 

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