Meet Seira Kagami

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What was your hair style like when younger?

"I have been working as actor since I was a child, so my hair color has been this brunette for the longest time."

Have you ever undergone a dramatic change?

"In the past, I went blond only one time for an acting role I was supposed take on. Other than that my hair style always has been like this!"

How often do you trim your hair?

"I don't even remember the last time I had it trimmed. It's been that long. My hair is very susceptive to not only the color products but also to the natural air. So the surface of my hair has been dried out naturally."

How do you manage your hair?

"Like I mentioned, my hair is thin and sensitive. I try not to use excess styling product but always care for it with conditioners when washing my hair."

Favorite Products 

Marie & Lily Conditioner


Marie & Lily Shampoo


Want to get her look?

Click on the images below to get Seira's style! 

"Shiny Summer"

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