Enzo Milano: SX ENZOcool Scalp Professional Hot Brush

  • $299.97

The SX ENZOcool Scalp is the most advanced professional heating brush on the market, and is the fastest way to change your look with amazing ease. ENZO utilizes exclusive heating technology, Tribostatic®2 that increases heat recovery two times faster! Tourtanuim™ coated & heated bristles provide a smooth flawless finish coupled with ENZOcool Scalp™ which prevents scalp burning both provide optimal results.
  • ENZOcool ScalpTM outer skeleton heat guard (brush hair without burning)
  • TourtaniumTM Coated bristles (Titanium + Tourmaline + Ceramic + Non-Stick)
  • Tribostatic® 2 – (T2) Dual Heating for rapid heat and recovery
  • T2 Controlled adjustable digital temperature
  • Automatic Shut-off
  • T2 Controlled Global Voltage
  • 360° Swivel cord
  • 430°F Max heat